The Best Thing About Bike2Max

Every person that steps into the studio and gets onto ours bikes has their own goals. From burning off that extra piece of chocolate cake to being able to finish a cycling event such as the Cape Epic to achieving a personal best to trying to get on the top step of a podium.

Our personal mountain bike and road training and racing experience extends to:

Single day racing, criteriums, time trials, Grand Fondos, touring in France and Italy, XC, marathon and stage racing such as Good Hope Tour, Cape Epic, Cape Pioneer, Wine2Whales. As well as ultra endurance racing - 12 hour road racing, 24 hour mountain bike racing as well as semi-supported and un-supported events such as TheMunga and Bikingman Oman.

Welcome to Bike2Max

We are a power-based indoor cycle training studio situated in Kenilworth, Cape Town. At Bike2Max Studio we help you become the best cyclist you can be. Utilizing the CycleOps Pro Indoor Cycle with built-in PowerTap technology and the VT Fitness training app, you train according to your personal goals and power training zones that will be determined when you sign up. Once you have signed up and performed your supervised assessment your daily training will be developed by a Sport Scientist and a Cycling South Africa coaches.

Specific Indoor Training

Although the sessions are run as classes, everyone does their own specific training, so the training sessions are thus completely specific to your requirements, rather than everyone doing the same session for a given class.

The training model at Bike2Max is that you do 2-3 supervised indoor sessions per week, with your remaining outdoor or home-based rides being less specific and usually less intense. Your fitness is determined by performing a specific test and a 20 minute maximal-effort ride (the so-called functional threshold power or FTP); the average power and associated heart rate from this rides are used to determine and confirm your training zones. The intensity of your training sessions is set according to power output, as a percentage of your 20 minute maximal sustainable effort while heart rate response is used as a secondary measure of the intensity. The sessions are generally 70 minutes in duration and longer session are allowed if the indoor stationary cycle is available beyond that class. Would you like to try a session? Click here.


  • For All Levels

For cyclists of different abilities and levels of fitness.

  • Personalised Program

Your personalised program includes structured workouts that are centered around your individual factors - time constraints, history, current fitness level and realistic goals.

  • Personalised Training Zones

Your personalised training zone is determined by performing a specific test based on health history, current state of fitness and experience.

  • One-on-One Session

Workout observation and supervision enables us to make before and or during session adjustments, monitor training effort, provide feedback on technique and execution as well as noting improvements for future comparison.


  • Training Analyses

To ensure a steady progression we analyse all your sessions, including the training that you don't do at the studio. Tracking your training enables us to update your workouts, lower the risk of illness, injury and burn-out as well as increase fitness development towards your goal.

  • Workout Uploads

Strava and TrainingPeaks integration allows sessions to automatically upload to your profiles.

  • Equipment

Bike2Max uses CycleOps Phantoms a power-measuring indoor cycle and Rouvy software to tracking all values from the indoor cycle and sensors, Rouvy helps you stay motivated, train with more efficiency and have fun! To find out more click here.

Meet The Coaches

Ian Rodger

Position: Head Coach and Founder

About:  Ian is a UCT Sport Scientist and UCI Cycling South Africa Level 2 Coach who has been coaching cyclist of all disciplines and levels using power-based training for over 20 years. His training approach is to emphasize target times at specific intensities based on a rider's goals, history, and current capacities, to obtain the best racing result.

Rafeeq Safodien

Position: Associate Coach

About:  UCI Level One Certified Coach who has a genuine passion for the sport and a long history in adapting his fitness for the different cycling disciplines. With a background in road racing his interest in cycling is now focused on mountain biking and ultra endurance racing such as 12hr, 24hr and semi and un-supported adventure racing. His training approach is to focus on building consistency first.

Membership Packages

Flexible training - you can training at anytime of the day, Monday to Friday, from 5:30am to 7:00pm. Includes history assessment, a specific test, a personalised training program with 2 to 3 effective sessions per week. 

R2700 for 24 sessions.

R3600 for 36 sessions.

How to reach us!

If you have any questions or you would like to try a free session then the easiest way to get in touch with us is by using this form or email: 

Studio Details

Hours: Monday - Friday, 5:30am - 7:00pm, by appointment only


Address: Standard House, Unit 1, 1st Floor, 317 Main Road, Kenilworth 7708, Cape Town, Western Cape