CycleOps Phantom

Bike2Max uses CycleOps Phantoms a power-measuring indoor cycle that has been built around a POWERTAP hub for an accurate and precise measurement of power output. A heart rate strap is provided to record your heart rate response to the power. All the usual riding data is displayed on a tablet while you ride, and is automatically downloaded to a web-based training log for monitoring your progress and reviewing the training. In this way the training composition and intensity is updated in response to your progress.

The cycles are equipped with the most commonly used pedals (Look, SPD and Shimano), and the saddles and handlebars are fully-adjustable, to enable you to replicate your usual riding position for maximal comfort and power output.

Rouvy Software

Bike2Max maximize your training efficiency with effective interval training with Rouvy. The software includes custom Bike2Max workouts, complete FTP tests, precisely defined Rouvy workouts as well as popular route guide videos.


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